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I feel like an idiot.

To those people whom I gave a "Christmas Porn Request form" to LAST year (you know who you are): I totally was going to write all your stories, starting RIGHT NOW, but I can't find the folder I so carefully put the requests into! It's here, I've seen it, but... Stupid moving! ::kicks remaining boxes and then hops around the house, cursing.::

Ok, so, here's the deal. I need you to re-send them. I know, I know, I suck. But if I could get an email from you guys with the following info:

Het or not or both or any
1some, 2some, 3some, orgy
Genre (Space opera? old west? Steampunk? D&D type fantisy?)
Kinks you WANT.
Kinks you OMG don't want.
Fandom (if that's your thing and I KNOW IT"S NOT ALL OF YOUR THINGS.)

Any other notes. I'll probaly do them in the order I received them.

And no, this ISN"T your only present (because that would make me cheep.)

(I'm also emailing this to the One With Red Hair, so that she can distribute it to those who don't use LJ.)